The list of the ‘Really Worth It!’ hawker food is out!

The list of the ‘Really Worth It!’ hawker food is out! Hop over to our Facebook App to find out where the best value-for-money food are in Singapore!

S'poreans buying less Thai rice

Speaking on the recent ST article titled “S'poreans buying less Thai rice” (ST p.A2 14 Jan 2013), RPWG Chairman, Mr. Lee Yi Shyan said, "The Retail Price Watch Group has always encouraged consumers to compare prices before purchases. In the case of rice, our strategy of..."

What is keeping inflation high in Singapore?

Singapore’s high inflation today is driven by domestic cost pressures, which stem from supply side conditions like increasing rentals, wages, and transport costs.

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What is the government doing to help mitigate rising prices?

The government keeps a close watch on consumer price developments from both imported and domestic inflation, and undertakes several measures to mitigate them.

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The Retail Price Watch Group (RPWG) was set up to keep a close watch on any excessive price increases of daily necessities, so as to address profiteering, excessive price hikes and anti-competitive practices of businesses in Singapore. Learn More

Why is my inflation experience different from the reported Consumer Price Index figures?

Singaporeans are concerned about rising prices… but with a little planning and some smart shopping tips, you may even save while you shop! Take a look at how to spend smartly. Learn More

What is keeping inflation high in Singapore?

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